Who we are...


I've been a professional Pet Groomer for over 18 years and animals in general have always been my passion.  I first became involved with Sphynx in 2002 and Scantily Clad Sphynx Cattery is the culmination of  many long and exciting years of study and dedication to this amazing breed.  My entire world revolves around these cats and to say I’m slightly obsessed is abundantly understating.  Health is of the utmost importance in my breeding program as I have been personally affected by Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (a genetic heart disease) with my two first pet Sphynx.   All of my breeding animals are DNA tested for PKD, PRA and blood type, they are clear of FIV and Felv, they are all radiographed to ensure they do not have any issues with hips or patellas and I do fecal and UR PCR's on my cats every 3 months.  All of my cats are scanned every 6-12 months for HCM by a board certified cardiologist, and I feel all pet sphynx should be scanned yearly for this disease.  Early detection may be able to prolong life, so proactively scanning your pet is highly recommended.  Sharing scan results and transparency is crucial to the improvement of the genetic heart health in this breed and can result in the cessation of using cats with HCM positive close relatives.  All of my cats (and kittens fro 3 weeks on) are fed a species appropriate raw diet.  Cats are obligate carnivores and as I breeder I feel it is paramount to be well informed on everything pertaining to the health of these animals and nutrition is at the forefront.  I feel very strongly about species appropriate diets and woud be happy to discuss in detail what this entails. Adhering to the breed standard is always my goal in each breeding, we are always striving to produce the perfect sphynx.  Showing is very important to any serious breeding program, and it's also a great deal of fun.  If you are interested to visit a cat show as a spectator you can see the individual show schedules in your area at http://ticamembers.org/calendar/. 

All of my cats are an integral part of my family and are never confined or caged.  They are first and foremost part of my family.  I believe a well socialized cat is a happy cat, and all of our animals get an abundance of love and attention.  Many of my cats and their kittens have become certified animal-assisted therapy pets, so disposition and ease of handling is very important to me.  With each planned breeding, my goal is to produce genetically sound kittens, with good type and temperament, always with the prioriting of improving the breed as a whole and the potential for contribution to animal assisted therapy work.


I am the Director of a non profit nation wide organization called Hairless Hearts founded by Desiree Bobby of Beeblebrox Sphynx.  Our goal is to fascilitate HCM screening for pet owners and breeders alike, and to share HCM scan information on pedigreed Sphynx so that individuals who are actively breeding related cats can be better informed and there for make sounder decisions in their respective breeding programs.  We encourage Board certified Cardiologists to host low cost screening clinics across North America, and we collaborate on sharing information for the community as a whole.  Please visit our webpage at www.HairlessHearts.org for more information.  If you are searching for a Cardiologist or Screening clinic in your area, please let me know and I would be more then happy to assist you with this.  If you would like to volunteer your time in aiding us with our endeavour, please contact me.




I am a member of the CCA and TICA and we are a CFA, CCA and TICA registered cattery.

We are a FeLV and FIV free cattery.

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