Who we are...

My name is Shauntay Burris and I live in Northern California with my furry (and not so furry) family.   I've been a professional Pet Groomer for over 15 years and animals in general have always been my passion.  I first became involved with Sphynx in 2002 and Scantily Clad Sphynx Cattery is the culmination of  many long and exciting years of study and dedication to this amazing breed.  My entire world revolves around these cats and to say I’m slightly obsessed is a gross understatement.  Health is of the utmost importance in my breeding program as I have been personally affected by Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (a genetic heart disease) with my first pet Sphynx.   I strongly believe in yearly scanning by Board Certified Cardiologists.  Conformation and showing is also greatly important to me, and I encourage everyone to visit cat shows as a spectator or even enter a beloved family pet for a day of fun.  Cat shows are not only for purebreds, but happy house pets are welcome to compete against each other as well.  All of my cats are an integral part of my family and are never confined or caged.  They are my babies and they all have a reserved spot on the bed each night, including our 180lbs Great Dane.  I believe a well socialized cat is a happy cat, and all of our animals get an abundance of love and attention.  With each planned breeding, my goal will be to produce genetically sound kittens, with good type and temperament.


Dr. Kate Meurs is currently conducting research into finding a genetic marker for HCM in Sphynx.  Although there are likely hundreds of mutations for HCM (as in humans) any additional tools we have in eliminating this disease in our breed will be priceless.  It is for this reason that I am participating in a wonderful charity project organized by Jody Muzika and Kelly Schou which will be donating ALL proceeds to HCM research.  The project is a beautiful Scrapbook "To Love a Sphynx" depicting stunning photographs of beloved Sphynx and heartfelt stories by their owners.  All of my babies will be featured in this Scrapbook, and most importantly Lucius aka Douchie-One, whom I just recently lost to HCM.  Please take a moment to visit http://toloveasphynx.weebly.com/index.html and order your scrapbook, for a wonderful cause. 



I am a member of the CCA and TICA and we are a CFA, CCA and TICA registered cattery.

We are a FeLV and FIV free cattery.

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