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LA BW SGC ScantilyClad N Slightly Scandalous (Saya)

HCM Clear Sept 2019, DNA tested clear of all deleterious genes in Optimal Selection complete DNA profile

We are so happy and proud to announce the following wins in The International Cat Association (TICA)


11th BEST ALLBREED CAT in the WORLD 2016-2017

BEST ALLBREED CAT in the Mid Pacific Region 2016-2017

4th best Sphynx kitten in the world for 2015-2016

7th best allbreed kitten in the MP region for 2015-2016

Best Sphynx kitten in the MP region 2015-2016

2nd Best Sphynx in the MP region 2017-2018

11th best Allbreed cat in MP region 2017-2018

Lifetime Achievement Award 2017-2018

LA BW SGC ScantilyClad In The Midnight Hour (Rebel) (Inactive)

HCM clear Jan 18 2020

Optimal Selection DNA profile clear for any deleterious genes

Best Sphynx Kitten internationally 2017-2018

21st best Allbreed kitten internationally 2017-2018

Best sphynx kitten and adult in Mid Pacific region 2017-2018

3rd best Allbreed kitten and best shorthair kitten in Mid Pacific region 2017-2018

7th best Allbreed cat in Mid Pacific region 2017-2018

Best Sphynx adult internationally 2018/19

23rd best allbreed cat internationally 2018/19

2nd best allbreed cat in the mid pacific region 2018/19

Lifetime Achievement 2018/19 in just two seasons

Double Breed Winner

OD RW GRC ScantilyClad Quite Quintessential (Beepbeep)(Inactive)

HCM CLEAR Jan 18 2020, DNA tested clear of PKD1, PRA and CMS

3rd best Sphynx Kitten in the Mid Pacific region for 2016-2017

RW QGC ScantilyClad Happily Ever After (Ever)

HCM CLEAR Jan 18 2020

Negative for CMS, PKD1, PRA

retired certified Animal Assisted Therapy pet

RW Ch ScantilyClad Sexy and I Know It (Avi)

HCM clear Sept/2019 - PKD1, CMS, PRA CLEAR

ScantilyClad Belle (Chicken Wing) (Inactive)

HCM clear June 2019

DNA tested clear for all deleterious genes via Optimal Selection complete DNA profile

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