Queens > RW Ch ScantilyClad Sexy and I Know It (Avi)
RW Ch ScantilyClad Sexy and I Know It (Avi)

RW Ch ScantilyClad Sexy and I Know It (Avi)

HCM CLEAR Sept/2019

Cream Point - Blue eyes

DOB: January 7th 2012

Dam: Joser Youna of ScantilyClad

Sire: Ch Kitnkrazy Prickly Pete

Blood type: B

Negative for CMS, PKD1, PRA

Homozygous Sphynx

Breeder: Shauntay Burris

Owner: Shauntay Burris


Avi was born on my lap many years ago and to this day remains one of the sweetest and most gentle souls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  She loves the entire world equally and while not the sharpest tool in the shed, shes certainly the sweetest little girl.  She is easy going and carefree, treats her kittens like best friends and plays all day with them, tiring them out.  She lets any and all kittens nurse from her regardless if she has milk and takes it upon herself to clean everyone in the house.  She loves to be held and will jump from the floor into your arms for a hug.

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