My HCM Experience

DGC Destynys Xavier of Scantily Clad

DOB: April 2 2013

Sire: Kitnkrazy Sebastien of Citizenkat

Dam: Destynys Mam'Selle of Citizenkat

Xavier scanned HOCM positive May 17th 2014, at just under a year old.  He is a wonderful pet, and we love him very much, despite his naughty nature.  He is closely monitored by our wonderful board certified cardiologist and is an excellent representation for the inconspicuous variety of this disease as he looks outwardly very healthy.  

KitnKrazy LxLuthor of ScantilyClad (Luthor)

DOB: January 1st 2012

Sire: Skinzin Domino of KitnKrazy

Dam: Kitnkrazy Bella Luna

Luthor scanned HCM clear for four years, and then within 6 months of a clear scan showed positive.  He is closely monitored by our board certified Cardiologist every 3-6 months and has shown improved cardiac strength since he's been taking CoQ10 daily. 

Ch Sundancebare Diamond in the Buff

DOB: Dec 19 2009

Dam: SGC Sundancenbare Razzl Dazzl

Sire: Ch Fantcfur Just a Splash

She was diagnosed with Systolic Anterior Motion of the Mitral Valve at age 1, during her first scan.  6 months later, at her re-evaluation scan, she was diagnosed with HCM.  Though disease progression was very slow, she finally lost her fight to HCM in 2016.  She passed away during the night and all I can hope for is that she knew she was loved, and that she went peacefully.  My little Mouse was an incredible family member, a small little package filled with so much life and moxy.  I will always miss her. 

AphroditePaw Adonis (Little Man)

DOB: Feb 13 2002 - Oct 30 2012

parents unknown


Little Man was an amazing soul that touched  my life and changed it's course forever.  He was my first Sphynx and was the reason I started breeding.  At that time, I was new to the breed, and though well versed in animal husbandry and genetic screening of prevalent breed disease from my background in dog showing/grooming/training, I unwittingly purchased him and his brother Lucius from a back yard breeder.  He was later diagnosed with HCM. Little Man was a therapy cat and brought joy and unconditional love to anyone he met and he truly adored his job. Though he was regularly monitored by a cardiologist throughout his life, it was a great shock when he died October 30 2012 from an acute heart attack. He was an advocate for his breed and I think about him every day.

AphroditePaw Lucious (Douchie-One)

DOB: Dec 4 2004 - Dec 1st 2010

parents unknown

Lucius was my second pet sphynx and the love of my life.  I lost him to HCM and associated complications December 1st 2010, 3 days before his 6th birthday.  He was diagnosed with HCM at the tender age of 6 months, and I am so grateful we had nearly 6 years together.  He changed my life, and gave me so much joy.  He touched the heart of everyone he met with his free love and happy soul.   I wished more people could have known him.  I miss his loving eyes, and gentle purr.  I miss the way he would meow each and every time before jumping up on the bed or couch, as if to announce his presence.  I miss the way he would gobble down treats like he was starving.  I miss his head-butts and I miss his smell.  I miss hearing his distinctive foot falls in the house.  I miss the endless comfort he gave me, every time life got hard.  Every morning seems a little less bright waking up without him in my arms.  I miss him and his brother Little Man, more then I can ever express.


Please be certain to buy any potential pet sphynx from a reputable breeder who routinely scans their breeding cats for HCM and monitors the HCM scans of relatives.  Save yourself the heart ache I have gone through and support those striving to make a difference in our precious breed.

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