October 30, 2018 @ 7:23 PM

A Breeder's Promise to her Queens

When it comes time for you to experience pregnancy, 
this is my promise to you, 
and if this isn’t for you after one try 
then I will never ask this of you again.
You are my priority. 
I will not leave your side when you are due, 
I will hold you and love you and sing to you, 
I will keep you safe and calm and will always protect you. 
My gratitude for you and your pregnancy will be known.
You are my priority. 
When they are coming I will help clean them
and place them on you so you can rest, 
when you are done I’ll make a fresh bed for you 
and stay by your side till you fall sleep. 
You are my priority.
I will wait on ...

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