October 30, 2018 @ 6:23 PM

A Breeder's Promise to her Queens

When it comes time for you to experience pregnancy, 
this is my promise to you, 
and if this isn’t for you after one try 
then I will never ask this of you again.
You are my priority. 
I will not leave your side when you are due, 
I will hold you and love you and sing to you, 
I will keep you safe and calm and will always protect you. 
My gratitude for you and your pregnancy will be known.
You are my priority. 
When they are coming I will help clean them
and place them on you so you can rest, 
when you are done I’ll make a fresh bed for you 
and stay by your side till you fall sleep. 
You are my priority.
I will wait on you so you have everything you need, 
I will never let you struggle on your own, 
I will always be here to help you raise them
and I’ll clean up after you so you can enjoy the beauty of these moments. 
You are my priority.
I will help you teach them all they need to know,
I will take care of your needs and theirs
and I will do it with joy because I understand,
I understand how fortunate I am to share this with you.
You are my priority.
I’ll give them toys and stimulation so you have more time to relax. 
I’ll give you love and attention every single day. 
You need to know how precious you are to me,
Not for what you’ve made me but for WHO you’ve made me into.
You are my priority. 
I’ll be compassionate when your babies are ready to go, 
I know the initial loss must be so stressful. 
Ill do anything I can to comfort you,
I will keep you safe and calm and will always protect you.
You are my priority. 
If motherhood suits you, 
Im grateful to you and I love you. 
If motherhood does not suit you, 
Im grateful you tried and I love you most. 
You are my priority.

-Shauntay ❤️
ScantilyClad Sphynx